Logitech G Pro Wireless

What could have been the greatest gaming mouse to date, plagued with poor design. While many may point the Logitech G Hub software as the pitfall for all Logitech Gaming products, this mouse in particular really only has one hardware defect. You were the chosen one, Logitech G Pro Wireless. It was said that you … read more

Gaming Platform Exclusives

Everything slightly right and mostly wrong with exclusive titles on different gaming platforms. Let me preface this by stating, I’m specifically giving my thoughts from the prospective of a costumer. I have no idea how some of the financial numbers shakeout. So I’m not even going to try and pretend that I know or even … read more

Paid DLC Ruined Videogames

It’s commonplace today for a videogame to release a Season Pass or some extra downloadable content. Just when online gaming took a step forward, it reluctantly also took a step back. We’re now gaming in an era of Paid Early Access and Pre-Order Perks. Paid Early Access often leaves us with empty promises after a … read more