NXT TakeOver Phoenix

I know what you’re thinking already, these NXT shows need bigger cards. Only 5 bouts on the card for NXT TakeOVer Phoenix, yet a plethora of talent in the pool waiting to make a splash. Albeit, all the match ups have a big meaning to them being championship opportunities for the challengers. And there’s also

The Gritty Effect

From a dumpster fire inside the Wells Fargo Center, to South Philly’s favorite son overnight. The story of Gritty truly depicts Philadelphia. No one like us, but we don’t care.

Introducing de_Abbey

If we were to revisit October of 2015, it would be during the time of probably my favorite Counter-Strike Global Offensive operation to date: Operation Bloodhound. This was back in a time where the operations would have you carve through a map of task to earn points or stars to level of the pretentiousness of

Starting My Journey

Well, let’s start things off as blunt as possible: I’m overweight. And it’s not just a few pounds that I’m needing to shred from my body, it’s about 150 pounds that need to completely disappear. You see, I’m currently standing at a sadly average height of 5 foot 8 inches, with an atrocious weight of