The Gritty Effect

It was a Monday Morning, September 24th, 2018. It was starting up like any other ordinary start to the work week. That was until my coworker who works in the office next to mine popped in for a quick chat. Usually I expect a good Philadelphia sports discussion when he comes knocking. He asked me if I heard the news about the Flyers. I’m thinking to myself, “Oh, a trade?!” Before I even guess out loud what the news would entail, my coworker burst into laughter, and I couldn’t help but mirror the laughter while looking confused. He explained to me that the Philadelphia Flyers had just announced their new mascot, and his name is Gritty.

So naturally, I bring it up on my phone. I want to find out what all of this Gritty buzz is all about. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Philadelphia didn’t need another sports mascot, or so I thought. And this orange hairy goon who seemed like a distant cousin to the Philadelphia Phillies’ Philly Phanatic was struttin’ his stuff on social media already. I was slightly annoyed, “This? This is Flyers hockey now?” Yuck. We already have the label of being the Broad Street Bullies stuck from the 1970’s, and now we bring in this atrocity? But then something happened overnight.

I wake up to an abundance of articles about this new mascot, the origin story for one. It explained how Gritty was hiding in the Wells Fargo Center all of these years, and appeared during some construction(renovations). Then there were articles about how the Flyers organization did not want a mascot, but the NHL strong armed the franchise into coming up with one. It was becoming clear, this was the mascot that nobody in Philadelphia asked for, but learned it was the mascot we deserved. I saw a ReTweet, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

That’s all it took, a shot to the cross state rivals, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Overnight Gritty was the dumpster baby nobody wanted to acknowledge, to becoming Philadelphia’s favorite son who any man, woman, or child would take a bullet for without hesitation. I know that sounds dramatic, but that’s really how it felt. Ask anyone in Philly.

If you’re sleeping on Gritty’s Twitter game, please wake up and give the guy a follow. There’s so many creative and entertaining shenanigans he conducts that get posted to his Twitter feed. Not to mention all the dank memes and witty tweets he feeds out.


The aurora of Philadelphia has been so upbeat since the emergence of Gritty. Alike when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl bringing a major championship home to the City of Brotherly Love. The Gritty Effect has really cemented Philadelphians together against all those who oppose Philly, and that’s amazing. The Super Bowl win got us loving one another. Gritty got us united against all oppositions. Sports really can do beautiful and magical things for a city. People who haven’t watched hockey, are now interested in it due to Gritty’s popularity. Speaking of popularity, Gritty had made a name for himself on a national scale.

With appearances on Conan and Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Gritty has gone viral. Television news channels are doing stories on Gritty, talk shows want him for appearances, and all while Gritty dons a Philadelphia Flyers jersey. He really puts Philly first, and we can’t help but want to support our own.