A Month with the iPhone X

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Let’s start this off with some background on how I ended up purchasing the iPhone X. My previous phone for the long haul was the iPhone 7. To me, the iPhone 7 was perfect in terms of it’s physical size. As 2017 was coming to an end, I was being convinced to try out the new Android flagship phones. I really tried them all. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the OnePlus 5T, and the Google Pixel XL 2. While I enjoyed certain aspects of each of those phones individually, they also lacked important features. While I enjoyed the display of the Galaxy Note 8, I felt it was a tad too heavy and large. Then while I enjoyed the OnePlus 5T’s silky smooth OS and form factor, the camera left a lot to be desired. And finally while the Pixel XL 2 boasted the best smartphone camera I have ever used, the stock android experience was somehow super buggy for me.

After a few weeks of lackluster Android endeavors, I decided to give the shiny new iPhone X a test drive.