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The story of a young potato starts here. My name is Sean, and welcome to yet another online blogging journey. Originally, I didn’t know what I wanted to fill my about page with. Part of me feels like I should explain how I came about to create this blog, because it is certainly not my first rodeo. In short, it’s all thanks to my quick spirited pointer finger to click the reset switch whenever I want to work my creative juices on a new design. This time around, I’m going for a more modern yet simple & minimal approach. Which suits my personality well. Folks often described me as humble, genuinely kind, and outgoing. While I agree with all of those terms of endearment, I really do value my lone wolf time.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what this is for me. I love hockey, pro wrestling, food, and some nerdy things in between. Some of those nerdy things consist of PC gaming – to really disconnect from the real world for a bit, and I enjoy writing as well as digital image editing to fuel my creativity. That could potentially be why I am fascinated with jump starting this blog(again). I’m also attempting to go through a bit of a health kick currently, but I’ll try not to bore the blog down with kale(I don’t even like kale).

When I say I’m a hockey fan, I legitimately mean I appreciate hockey at every level. From the juniors to the pros, I enjoy it all and appreciate the game’s fundamentals. While I may have some favorite teams, I truly do not despise their rivals. Sorry fellow Flyer fans, I’m not your guy to chant “Crosby Sucks” with. Actually, get enough Yuengling in me and then maybe I am your guy.

Who doesn’t love food, am I right? Thankfully my job allows me to travel a bit which enables me to try many different styles and types of food. Who doesn’t appreciate a mom and pop shop’s deductible bites when it’s 900 miles away from home? You already know I’m not a fan of kale, but I’m also not a fan of anything sea food related(sorry Sushi lovers). As far as my favorites go; I love a good sandwich, buffalo wings, and the many varieties of french fries. Pizza and burritos would round out my top five if you must know, but I self proclaim myself to be a veteran wings & fries connoisseur.

Somewhat of an Apple guy

Technology has always held my interest since I’ve gotten my hands on it. It started with video games, playing on the original Atari and Sega Genesis consoles. Then I had a handful of experiences with computer games on a super old Mac my uncle gave me which introduced me to Sim City 2000 on the floppy disk, and my love for PC gaming just continued to grow from there to the point I build my own computers. And since I’m a part of the generation that grew up with smart phones, you could say I’m a bit fascinated with how much tech can be packed into your pocket nowadays.

So you got a bit of a brief overview of me now, and you’ll continue to learn more about me as I continue to write new material. I sincerely wish I had a plan or a vision of what I would want this blog to be used for. It’ll be a bit of a “play it by ear” kind of thing for now, and just keeping it going for as long as I enjoy it. Oh, check out my photography!

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