Paid DLC Ruined Videogames

It’s commonplace today for a videogame to release a Season Pass or some extra downloadable content. Just when online gaming took a step forward, it reluctantly also took a step back. We’re now gaming in an era of Paid Early Access and Pre-Order Perks. Paid Early Access often leaves us with empty promises after a couple years of hope. It’s a public beta, but you’re actually paying full price for an unfinished game. Pre-Order Perks will try to reel in folks to pay in full before even testing the game. That’s like buying a car before you even see what the inside looks like, and you only paid for the car in advance because they promised to throw in a free Black Ice Little Trees air freshener. Hearing that comparison out loud will hopefully hit home before you pull the trigger on caving into a pre-order of any kind.

Season Pass

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Paid Downloadable Content (DLC)

People will try to make the reference of paid DLC being like a fast food combo meal. You paid for the main entree, now spend a little more for toppings. Let’s take it a step further, add some cash for that soft drink and side. The idea being you pay for a videogame to boot. Then pay for some DLC content to enrich the game slightly. But wait, there’s more! Now you can really amplify your game by purchasing expansion packs to further your journey.