Can Baseball Become Entertaining?

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probably not.. But lets discuss!

If you were to ask me, “When is the last time you watched a baseball game?” Well, my answer would probably be the 2008 World Series. That was probably the last time baseball was exciting to me. Now you may be asking, “Why was that the last time baseball was exciting for you Sean?” It’s simple, it was the first time I got to see what a winning baseball club looks like in my hometown. The city was electric with high spirits and positive vibes. It was the talk at every water cooler, and in every classroom. For me, I was a junior in high school, eager to experience my first Philadelphia major sports championship.

Before 2008, I did show interest in baseball. I even played in the Collingswood Little League and could share some memorable moments. I played a few MLB baseball games back when the Playstation 2 was relevant, and I even smacked my fair share of homers as Pablo Sanchez in the original Backyard Baseball computer game. Playing baseball was definitely fun for me, but you would never find me watching a baseball game. Never. There is just no way in hell you are going to have me sit and watch nine innings of a very