Introducing de_Abbey


If we were to revisit October of 2015, it would be during the time of probably my favorite Counter-Strike Global Offensive operation to date: Operation Bloodhound. This was back in a time where the operations would have you carve through a map of task to earn points or stars to level of the pretentiousness of your display coin for that operation. Most importantly however, it held the deepest map pool of any operation featuring workshop maps. Hostage map favorite cs_Agency gained a ton of popularity at this time, and other defusal maps such as de_Log, de_Rails, and de_Resort were fun casual maps to mess around on while trying to complete the challenges. There were two maps that I would argue were the best from this pool though, de_Season & de_Zoo. I’m happy to report de_Zoo is back, and I can’t wait to go on a few field trips with you all while playing casually. However, we unfortunately still don’t see de_Season in the competitive map pool unfortunately(Valve, please).