Starting My Journey

Well, let’s start things off as blunt as possible: I’m overweight. And it’s not just a few pounds that I’m needing to shred from my body, it’s about 150 pounds that need to completely disappear. You see, I’m currently standing at a sadly average height of 5 foot 8 inches, with an atrocious weight of 320 pounds. Yeah – you read that right. I’m not proud of it, and publishing my weight to the public eye isn’t a cakewalk (but I would like some cake).

There’s so many remedies to losing weight. Browse online, ask your friend, talk to your doctor, consult with a fellow fatty struggling to lose their own weight, etc… They will all give you an opinion on how it’s done. What does everyone ultimately say though? Diet & Exercise. Without fail, it’s always proper dieting and exercising that are the essential key components to weight loss. Have you ever heard of anyone disagree with this analysis? No? Because it’s accurate.

Let’s talk fork & spoon. I’m learning to meal prep more and more on the daily now. I’m learning so much, meal prepping has become a boring passion of mine. I recently got the Instant Pot Ultra from Amazon, and I’m still somewhat trying to figure it out. I’m always on the lookout for tasty new recipes. Yes, I did say tasty. I’m slowly easing myself into this lifestyle change. Because quite frankly, it doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve tried to make that instant transition, and it flips your life upside down in the wrong kind of way. I’ve tried a few diets, and the body shock just emotionally wrecked me to the point where I indulged back into comfort foods. So right now I’m working on eating more and more protein while curbing the carbs as much as I possibly can. Which is very hard for me, potatoes are my life. No more french fries, or loaded potato skin…

As of right now, I’m a potato. Contrary to the image of me as a young aged potato, I was an active child. However, through the years I’ve grown into an adult potato. I don’t do anything active at all. It’s hard to fit that activity of my life in-between working full time, traveling for work, being a new homeowner with something new to fix every weekend it seems like, and meal prepping every night. Although, I do plan on meal prepping during the weekends eventually. I’m currently looking to make a change, as I’m slowly cleaning out my garage to throw in a few mats for exercising in there. Winter is coming, so driving to the gym is going to be a bit annoying. Hopefully I’ll have the garage gym ready to go in a couple of weeks. I’m looking to do a lot of cardio, some weight lifting, with a bit of stretching in yoga form. I’m sure my puppy Charlie will enjoy this. Now only if some of my friends were interested in shooting some hoops.

So why this and why now? Motivation. I’m planning to track my progress on a daily basis, along with counting everything going into my body. Every morning I will capture my measurements, along with my weight, fat mass, muscle mass, water %, and bone mass using the Withings Body+ scale synced up with MyFitnessPal. I’m still looking for the best solutions to record workouts, and import them into MyFitnessPal. I’m doing this daily, to produce a weekly update. I know, I know, “You shouldn’t check your weight so often!” Well, you’re wrong. Or, you’re right. I wake up every morning, to see a number on that scale that I’m not happy with to remind myself before I even start my day to make healthier choices. Losing weight is also a mental battle. What sparked this though? Well, maybe that’s a story for another time.

As I close this out, I’m debating about creating a podcast based around my weekly updated for those who would like to follow along without reading everything, while this blog page can more or less consist of notes to the weekly podcast. Along with the weekly episodes, I’m thinking of also doing random podcast during the week based off other things going on in my life, but that is still yet to be determined.