Modern Day Wrestling

So I’ve given this a bit of thought, and was so close to pulling the trigger that I got to the point of pricing out domains for a separate wrestling blog based on today’s wrestling scene. However, I couldn’t land on a domain I liked that I was willing to invest money in. So here we are, it’ll get it’s own category here on my personal blog. This will keep things simple for me, even though, it will now cross contaminate with my other work. At the end of the day though, this is more than work for me as it’s really my hobby anyway.

What’s Modern Day Wrestling? Well MDW for short was my idea of a wrestling blog dedicated to today’s wrestling scene. This would go beyond the typical run of the mill World Wrestling Entertainment articles I would produce. The reason for this, is due to the growing wrestling industry outside of WWE with the resurgence of the independent scene as well as the newly founded All Elite Wrestling brand. This isn’t to say wrestling has died, but it certainty hasn’t seen it’s peaks since the late 90’s and early 2000’s in my opinion(I’m sure someone can show me mathematical evidence that I’m wrong). As a fan who was born in 1991, I’m sure there are many pro wrestling fans who would share my view.

I recently watched the All Elite Wrestling’s Double of Nothing show, and this really fueled my blogging idea for Modern Day Wrestling over the top. It truly brought me back to when I was a younger kid, and was exciting about wrestling. I don’t hate WWE’s product currently as it stands now, but to say it’s entertaining currently would be an overwhelming statement. Truth be told, I’m not tuning in for the weekly live episodes anymore whether it be Monday’s Raw or Tuesday’s Smackdown. Most of the story lines are a bit redundant, but thankfully the monthly pay per view events have recently been making up for it’s weekly televised shows.

“This is what you call a paradigm shift”

Jon Moxley

Where will my focus lie? It’s quite simple really, what’s most entertaining? If Ring of Honor puts on a hell of show, I’m probably going to be inspired to write about it. If All Elite Wrestling produces a thrilling TV show on TNT, I’m probably going to be pounding the keys on my keyboard to let my enthusiasm run wild on the internet. And if WWE breaks their own mold to do the unexpected, well you can best believe that I’ll be here to gasp in excitement with the rest of the world. As a child, I grew up a WWE fan, but today I’m just a fan of pro wrestling.