NXT TakeOver Phoenix

I know what you’re thinking already, these NXT shows need bigger cards. Only 5 bouts on the card for NXT TakeOVer Phoenix, yet a plethora of talent in the pool waiting to make a splash. Albeit, all the match ups have a big meaning to them being championship opportunities for the challengers. And there’s also a bout over bad blood spewing between the new “shiny toy” versus the grizzled veteran. Maybe I want to be more spoiled with wrestling clinics? I’m not sure. But hot-dang, if you weren’t entertained by this show, I don’t know what to say to you.

Undisputed Era vs War Raiders

Cool War Raiders entrance.
Rodrick Strong and Kyle Orielly.
UE jump WR at the bell.
best tag team matches have been on nxt for past few years
great chemistry
great false finishes
WR finisher is nuts

Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno

Riddle looks fluid
Ohno dropped on head.
Riddle’s elbow strikes for finish?

Ricochet vs Johnny Gargano

Put anyone in the ring with Johnny, and it’s a great match.
Ricochet looked great, thankfully wasn’t overly saturated by flips.
The high flying moveset made sense for this match.
Love the idea of Johnny showing his bad side.
Is Johnny done with NXT Champion now since he won the NA title

Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair

Weakest match on the card.
Didn’t do anything for me.
Sam Roberts went off on the pre-show about how this would be a dud, accurate.
I don’t dislike Shayna or Bianca, but it’s far from the previous NXT women.
The match was OK at best, lots of hesitation, didn’t feel fluid.
What’s next?

Tommaso Ciampa vs Aleister Black

Welcome back Aleister Black, can he keep the undefeated TO streak alive?
Ciampa didn’t feel as much of a heel, but didn’t feel like a babyface either.
Black looked really good, selling his injured knee very well.
Loved the story telling in the match between both men.
Everything meshed very well.
Black to main roster?
Ciampa celebrated with Johnny G? DIY Dark Mode