Let’s start this off with some background on how I ended up purchasing the iPhone X. My previous phone for the long haul was the iPhone 7. To me, the iPhone 7 was perfect in terms of it’s physical size. As 2017 was coming to an end, I was being convinced to try out the new Android flagship phones. I really tried them all. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the OnePlus 5T, and the Google Pixel XL 2. While I enjoyed certain aspects of each of those phones individually, they also lacked important features. While I enjoyed the display and the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 8, I felt it was a tad too heavy and large for everyday handling. Then while I enjoyed the OnePlus 5T’s silky smooth OS and form factor, the camera left a lot to be desired. And finally while the Pixel XL 2 boasted the best smartphone camera I have ever used, surprisingly the stock Android experience wasn’t as buttery smooth as I remember it being back when I had the Nexus 5(and to take it one step further, it was slightly too big and bulky feeling).

After a few weeks of lackluster Android endeavors, I decided to give the shiny new iPhone X a test drive. In terms of it’s physical prowess, it immediately tickled my fancy being super slim while remaining very lightweight. The OLED display finally graces an iPhone for the first time, and it does not disappoint. And too be quite honest, the notch at the top of the screen does not distract me as much as other users have been known to complain about.

So it looks good and feels good to hold in the hand, but does it operate just as smoothly? Yes! Even without the home button, I find myself flying around different apps just as effortlessly as before(possibly with less effort). Throw any task at the iPhone X, it will handle anything. And while it may not take as great as photos as the Pixel XL 2, it definitely produces near perfect pictures every time.